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SolveHR is focused on providing meaningful yet simple HR solutions for businesses and their employees.

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Benefits of Working with a PEO

There can be significant advantages of choosing a PEO to handle your HR services, we have listed a few for you to review.

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Our purpose is to make our clients and their employees’ HR process seamless, efficient and effective.

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Blog & HR Trending Topics

  • High Inflation: How to Rethink Pay Strategies with Rising Costs

    HR Professionals across the country are beginning to worry about the effects of inflation on their organizations. Rising inflation means rising costs all across the board, including increased pressure on increasing wages and salaries for employees. To hold on to workers, many employers are starting to rethink their pay strategies going forward and increasing their

  • Beating the Heat: How to Keep your Employees Safe During Extreme Heat

    With record-setting high temperatures occurring around the U.S. this summer (and potentially the next few future summers), workplaces are beginning to struggle with keeping their employees cool. Heat in the United States is deadly, with heat fatalities being the estimated direct cause of death of more than 1300 Americans a year, and with extreme heat

  • The Benefits of Voluntary Benefits: The Power of Employee Choice

    As benefits costs continue to rise and bottom lines begin to tighten, no one can blame employers for looking for cheaper ways to enhance their employee benefits. This is where voluntary benefits have become a lifeline for employers looking to offer attractive benefits options to their employees without added cost to the company. Many businesses

  • Organizational Culture: Creating a Workplace that Employees are Proud Of

    About 4.5 million workers quit their jobs in March in continuing movement that people are beginning to call “The Great Resignation.” The last 3 years of the pandemic have put into perspective for employees what they want out of a workplace, and they’ve begun to leave their places of employment in a move that has

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