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SolveHR is focused on providing meaningful yet simple HR solutions for businesses and their employees.

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Benefits of Working with a PEO

There can be significant advantages of choosing a PEO to handle your HR services, we have listed a few for you to review.

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Our purpose is to make our clients and their employees’ HR process seamless, efficient and effective.

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Blog & HR Trending Topics

  • How to Best Prepare for an Unemployment Hearing

    Unemployment hearings can be stressful situations for all parties involved, especially if you’re the employer finding yourself once again in the courtroom with a disgruntled former employee. It may seem like unemployment law is written to benefit the former employee, and that can be true in some cases, but often small business employers are woefully underprepared when

  • Covid Leave of Absence: What you Need to Know After December 2020

    The pandemic has brought all kinds of changes to our work lives. Social distancing standards, PPL loans, and work from home are just some of the changes we’ve had to adapt to during the pandemic, but even a year later there are still a few things that we’re having trouble understanding about the legislation that has come out

  • Progressive Discipline: How to Implement a Disciplinary System Into Your Business that Just Works

    (This post is based on our “Trending Labor Law Topics for 2021” Webinar series)  How should you react when an employee violates one of your company’s policies? What measures should be taken? How can you remain consistent across every employee to ensure that you’re being fair? You’ve probably asked some of these questions as your business has begun to grow larger

  • 5 Ways PEOs Can Help Small Businesses

    Running a small business these days can be difficult. You must worry about the daily operations of your business, figuring out where to allocate your company resources, and also have to deal with expanding your operations. On top of all of that, you also have to focus on managing the human resource requirements of your business, from payroll to benefits

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