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SolveHR is focused on providing meaningful yet simple HR solutions for businesses and their employees.

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Benefits of Working with a PEO

There can be significant advantages of choosing a PEO to handle your HR services, we have listed a few for you to review.

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Our purpose is to make our clients and their employees’ HR process seamless, efficient and effective.

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Blog & HR Trending Topics

  • Let’s Be SMART for the New Year

    The New Year is a time for businesses to set new goals and resolutions for the upcoming year. One effective method for achieving these goals is through the use of S.M.A.R.T. goal setting. S.M.A.R.T. goals are a popular method for setting and achieving business objectives. This system helps teams establish clear and actionable goals with

  • Preparing Your 2022 Year-End HR Checklist – Getting ready for 2023

    As the end of the year approaches, HR professionals may find themselves with a long to-do list of tasks and responsibilities to complete. To ensure that nothing important is forgotten and to make the end-of-year transition as smooth as possible, it can be helpful to create an end-of-year checklist. Important Dates and Deadlines As professionals,

  • The Return of the Office Party: How to Keep Employees Safe

    The traditional office party has always been a signal for the end of the work year. A joyous event towards the end of the year to celebrate all of the hard work that your employees have done. Yet, for the last two years the office party has taken a bit of a back seat during

  • The Impacts of Employee Turnover: How to Boost Employee Engagement and Retention

    It’s no secret that employee turnover can be costly for businesses. In fact, the average cost to replace a worker is estimated to be somewhere between 6 to 9 months of that employee’s annual salary! But while the financial impact of losing an employee is well-documented, there’s another, often overlooked cost associated with turnover: the

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