Nómina y Administración Tributaria


Nómina y Administración Tributaria

Ensure Prompt, Accurate And Compliant Payroll Processing

Get access to a payroll system you need to obtain professionally maintained records and conduct payroll on time, every time.

As your human resource outsourcing partner, we can relieve you of payroll administration, and manage all payroll-related paperwork, such as W-2s, W-4s. We also manage payroll tax withholding, and tax reporting, while adhering to federal, state and local regulations throughout the United States.

Payroll Services

  • Administer employee payroll processing: issue payroll checks, process changes in payroll status, and offer direct deposit to employees
  • Administer all withholding and filing quarterly reports, W-2 preparation, payroll tax calculation and remittance, FICA and Unemployment taxes
  • Secure cloud-based payroll and reporting portal
  • Access to pay-cards, direct deposit, and checks
  • Administer employee garnished wage calculations and remittance
  • Federal Wage and Hour compliance recommendations
  • Administer new-hire and termination reporting to governmental reports: check reports, labor distribution, detail by employee, departmental reports, worksheets, etc.
  • Provide certified payrolls and job costing (when applicable)
  • API integration
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