Create a safe and productive work environment

We want to help you facilitate a work environment that is safe and OSHA compliant. If the time comes for you to deal with a worker’s compensation claim, we will handle the delicate process, so you can maintain a professional relationship with your injured employee.


Workers’ Compensation Solutions

We handle the admin injury reports regarding workers compensation claims.

Offer affordable workers’ compensation coverage
Provide administrative assistance to injured workers
Get access to rehabilitation and return-to-work programs
Access online workers’ compensation resources on our Self-Service Menu

Safety Management

Providing a safe work environment is crucial to an efficient, productive business, as well as reduced insurance rates. Our safety experts can assist with your comprehensive, customized safety program to ensure that your business is both compliant with applicable regulations and safe for your employees.

We will assist the inspection procedures and solutions to keep your workplace compliant and safe.

We will assist with the development of a comprehensive policy and procedure Safety Policy & Procedure Manual that features protocols to keep employers and employees apprised of safety issues and procedures.

We provide ongoing safety audits for reporting and compliance.

With our Self-Service Menu, you get access to training and safety materials.

Learn more about how we can create a safe, productive work environment for your business.


What You Need to Know about the Affordable Care Act

pinnaclesolveshr has found employers who do not need to offer health coverage for their employees, and those who need to comply are often unaware of the technology and outsourcing opportunities available.

We created this free guide to help employers overcome the challenges of the affordable care act.