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  • HR Trends in a Post-COVID Work Environment
    The pandemic changed everything. From education and schooling to shopping and communicating with others, everything has found its way online and subsequently changed the way we think and feel about how we used to do things.  Over the past two years, the pandemic has forced us to reevaluate our behavior and lifestyles, whether that be
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  • Payroll Mistakes Companies Should Avoid
    A well-managed payroll ensures that all your employees receive their payments correctly and on time. As usual, without the right tools, you can end up losing a lot of time and money over mistakes. The following are a few common payroll mistakes to look out for: Incorrectly Classifying Employees Classifying your employees correctly is important
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  • Types of Cost-effective Recruitment Strategies
    If you’re on the hunt for recruits to join your organization, then you already know how time-consuming the process can get as applications come flooding in, especially in these times where the demand for jobs is off the charts. This can also make the recruitment process an expensive affair. However, there are ways you can
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  • Simple HR solutions
    HR Solutions: Explained When it comes to handling the needs of your employees, from recruiting them, providing compensation and benefits, to evaluating their productivity, and more; your business requires a seamless way of processing your day-to-day business needs, managing your personnel, and storing and processing employee data.     In this tech-savvy world, these tasks can now
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  • Types of Employee Benefits
    Employee Benefits Let’s start by understanding what employee benefits are, and why it is important. Employee Benefits are the additional, indirect, non-salaried method of payment provided to your employees on top of their salaries. This could be in the form of medical insurance packages and retirement plans, among others. Why are Employee Benefits Important? Providing
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  • Get the right candidates for your business
    How SolveHR Can Help The Hospitality Industry As A PEO
    The hospitality industry, consisting of restaurants, bars, cafes, and other leisure spaces used to be among the highest-earning industries, in terms of its revenue generation and its contribution to the supply chain. However, when the pandemic hit hard, everything went downhill for businesses. The industry that was worse affected by it, ironically, proved to be
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  • Actively recruit candidates
    Why A Recruitment Strategy And Time Are Crucial For Your Business
    What Is Recruitment? The term “Recruitment” simply means enlisting new members to join an organization, team, or group. As a recruiter, your primary role would be to cast a wide net hunting for qualified candidates and then to pursue and capture the best ones.  When it comes to hiring talent for a company, it is
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  • Attendance management
    Why Attendance Systems Are Important At A Workplace
    Attendance Tracking Has Always Been Around Many workplaces had traditional attendance tracking methods like punch cards back in the day. Currently, more modern methods like access cards and biometric systems exist in workplaces for employees to check in and check out from their workplaces each day. Most employees will tend to turn in their timesheets right
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  • acquire talent with our recruitment strategy 1
    Seven Tips To Make Recruitment Easier
    The ongoing pandemic has not been easy on anyone in the business world. With the onset of COVID-19, which gradually turned into a long and burdensome pandemic, the recruitment industry has had to accommodate various changes in their recruitment strategy and plan, to make sure that the company they work for, is functioning without any
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    How SolveHR Can Help The IT Industry As A PEO
    Ever since the arrival of the notorious COVID-19 pandemic, everything around us seems to be falling apart. As if mass infection among the population was not enough, the virus is now infiltrating and wreaking havoc in the business world. Every industry today, from hospitality to education and agriculture, has suffered and continues to do so,
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