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    Performance Management: How to Better Achieve Organizational Goals
    Managing employees is difficult and getting them to perform well can be even more difficult. This is where a performance management system can come into play and help you ensure that your business is on track to achieve its goals.  Are you wanting to understand the basics of performance management? This week we’ll be talking
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    5 HR Trends for a Post-Covid Workplace
    Social distancing, remote work, and mask mandates have been just some of the changes the pandemic has brought to the workplace, but as the days go on, news of the pandemic in the United States gets better and better. Vaccination rates are on the climb with 64% of adults having received at least one shot at the time
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    The Best Way to Pay Your Employees: Check, Direct-Deposit, or Pay Card?
    An important part of any business is paying your employees, and with the multitude of options out there, it’s up to you to choose the right one for your business. There is always the classic way of conducting employee payroll with checks, but that comes with its pros and cons.   Two of the other most
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    Tips for Storing and Retaining Your I-9s
    Every time you hire a new employee, you are required by the federal government to verify the employee’s eligibility to work in the United States. This is all done through the government’s employment and eligibility verification form (Form I-9), which we’ve talked extensively about in the past in another post. The gist of the I-9
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    Form I-9: What You Need to Know About Keeping Compliant
    In 1986, Congress passed the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA), a law that altered U.S. immigration law, making it illegal for businesses to knowingly hire illegal immigrants and placing financial and other penalties for companies that hired illegal immigrants.  To enforce these new guidelines, the federal government requires employers to verify a potential employee’s
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    Retirement Benefits: A Breakdown of the Most Common Types of Retirement Plans
    Retirement plans can be a fickle thing when offering them to employees, as there is no one size fits all approach to them. There are many retirement options out there to offer your employees, and the one you end up choosing depends on a multitude of factors.  Choosing the right retirement plan for your business
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    What are the Different Types of Employee Benefits?
    Employees are working harder and harder and expecting great benefits from their employers. These days it’s not enough just to offer a large salary to an employee and expect them to be content with their work. You’ve got to go the extra mile and offer great benefits to meet the needs of your current and future employees.    Often great benefits
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    Volunteer Time Off: How Your Employees Can Make a Difference in their Communities
    April is National Volunteer Month, with the 18th-24th always being National Volunteer Week, but just because April is almost over doesn’t mean that your business can’t focus on how to provide more volunteer opportunities for your employees year-round. Providing service opportunities for your employees allows them to feel more connected to your business and their
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    What Benefits Employees Look for When Applying for a Job
    The job marketplace can be an incredibly competitive space as companies duke it out to offer better benefits to attract top–tier talent. It seems as if businesses these days must continue to go back and forth one–upping each other in a pursuit to retain their current talent and attract new talent away from their competitors,
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    How PEO’s Can Help Your Business with Benefits Management
    One of the best things that you can offer your employees as a business owner is benefits. It is important that you take care of your team to retain the talent that you worked to develop, but as a small business, benefits administration can be costly to start up and maintain. Some of the challenges
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