Attendance Tracking Has Always Been Around

Many workplaces had traditional attendance tracking methods like punch cards back in the day. Currently, more modern methods like access cards and biometric systems exist in workplaces for employees to check in and check out from their workplaces each day. Most employees will tend to turn in their timesheets right at the end of the month to HR. Keeping track of the attendance of every employee is a very important task for any company, which is why the importance of attendance systems in a workplace cannot be understated. 


What Is Attendance Management?

Attendance management is the process of tracking employee working hours, login time, departures, breaks, and time off. This can help prevent issues such as employee time theft, which can severely affect the efficiency of a company and the morale of its employees. Organizations use several methods, from punching cards and spreadsheets to automated attendance management systems and biometric devices to manage employee attendance. Attendance management systems have become a necessity for companies of all shapes and sizes as they help keep track of various factors that would be hard to track otherwise. 

Not Having An Attendance Management System Can Negatively Affect A Company

Very often, employees will turn in their timesheets to HR at the very end of the week or month. Manual timekeeping practices can take a huge toll on employee productivity and morale, and this can severely hamper the efficiency of a company in the long run. When the timesheets are being filled in days or weeks after the actual working day, there will be a lot of inaccuracies or even cases of timesheet tampering that can lead to a lot of problems at work. Having a proper attendance management system can eliminate all these problems. 


Attendance Management Systems Are Accurate 

When there is an attendance system in place, the tracking of employee working hours, login time, etc, can be tracked far more easily and in a more systematic manner. Likewise, when there is an attendance management system in place, accurate time records can be ensured while costly errors that are almost inevitable with manual entries can be avoided altogether. With more accuracy in place, the efficiency of a workplace will go up and even employee morale can be boosted. The accuracy of an attendance system cannot be replaced by manual methods.


It Is Financially Feasible

 With a proper attendance system in place, your company can save lots of valuable money. A proper attendance management system will put an end to inaccurate time reporting, absenteeism, time abuse, overpayment, etc, and improve the overall efficiency of the company. By putting an end to all the aforementioned factors, a lot of money can be saved by your company while your company will also be performing better as your employees will be more productive and efficient. As a matter of fact, a study has shown that large companies save over 1,500$ per employee by implementing effective attendance systems. 

Productivity Goes Up With Attendance Systems In Place

When proper attendance systems are implemented it is easy for the company to track the work of its employees. Doing so manually, on the other hand, can be extremely time-consuming, laborious, and quite expensive. When an automated attendance administration system is implemented, all the manual work that takes time will be done in a much quicker manner. Likewise, it will also be far more accurate than manual attendance methods, helping make the company far more efficient and productive. 

Attendance Systems Provide Flexibility

With the help of automated attendance systems, it has become far easier for companies to keep track of their employees. Likewise, it is easy for employees to also turn in their check-in time, check-out time, etc, from anywhere. In a time when working from home has become prevalent, the use of proper attendance management systems can help employees be flexible with how they submit their timesheets and also allows them to decide on where to work from. This flexibility can help improve the morale of employees and in turn boost the productivity and efficiency of the company.

Real-Time Tracking Is Possible With Attendance Systems

Cloud-based attendance management enables real-time tracking and provides automated inputs for payroll processing. This helps in managing alternative payment schedules and makes all information available in real-time. Managers can create “scheduled versus actual” reports to adjust work schedules and direct workforce activities in real-time. Real-time tracking can help with a faster tracking process for all of the data that needs to be tracked, helping save lots of time and hence boosting the productivity of the company. 

It Will Help Your Company Comply With The Law

Inaccurate records can cost your organization a lot of money in overtime payment, and can also violate labor laws, resulting in expensive legal defense and fines. Regulations require that employers track attendance and provide the necessary compensation to their employees for any excess hours worked in the spirit of fairness. An attendance management system that integrates with your payroll simplifies this process while making it seamless.

Better Performance Overall 

All in all, the performance of a company will go up with the help of attendance systems being implemented. By increasing the productivity of the employees and by reducing the workload by removing manual attendance tracking, a lot of money can be saved by the company while a lot of time is also being saved while employees are being as efficient and productive as they can be. 

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