Through our strategic human resources relationship, your organization will be able to retain top employees, while achieving Return on Investment (ROI). We can assist from the early stages of recruiting to the end of an employee’s time with your organization, when we will analyze reasons of separation to reduce attrition. We believe the best partnerships are forged through both the enjoyment of culture development and the difficult conversations about counseling and workforce reduction.

As the worksite employer, your organization retains complete control over directing the daily work performance of your employees; however, SolveHR is by your side to guide and coach you to make the best decisions for you and your organization.

Strategic Human Resource Strategies

Recruitment &

The recruitment and selection strategy is designed to help organizations attract qualified and talented employees. We help you assess your organizational staffing plans and assist with the development of job descriptions and postings to ensure you are hiring the right person for the role. We will also help you develop succession plans for long-term stability.

Culture &

The culture and retention strategy is designed to increase employee engagement and reduce employee turnover.

This is achieved with the implementation of employee surveys to analyze feedback and propose solutions. In addition to ensuring your organizations’ policies, compensation and benefits strategies are aligned with your organizational goals. We develop strategic policies and packages such as (paid time off, rewards and recognitions, incentive programs) to help attract and retain your talent.


This strategy deals with training managers and employees the tools to communicate efficiently and effectively to achieve organizational goals. We assist with the implementation and creation of policies, procedures, and coaching on the following:

  • Organizational Change Management
  • Conflict Resolution and Mediation
  • Performance Management & Goal Setting
  • Interviewing and Hiring (best practices)
  • Legality for Managers ( best practices)


This strategy helps organizations keep up with federal,state, and local employment laws and regulations. We evaluate current practices and become a pro-active partner to ensure your organization is compliant with EEOC and DOL guidelines. We assist with all employee relations, leave of absences, and workplace investigations.

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