Human Resource Outsourcing for Large Businesses

Your HR team does a great job managing your most important resource — your employees. But employer related responsibilities are becoming increasingly complex. With ever changing laws, getting the right information to ensure your business is in compliance is increasingly difficult.

SolveHR will become your professional HR consultant, we help provide recommendations on any employee-related issue so you can mitigate risk, while effortlessly offering even more to your employees. We can provide safety and benefit services, saving your HR team time and making the process more efficient. Then, you can focus on running your business.

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HR Solutions for Large Businesses

We tailor the most effective HR solutions to fit the needs of your business and employees.

Creating and maintaining a thorough and updated employee file for all of your employees is a critical yet time-consuming practice that creates challenges for many large businesses. We maintain a copy of all mandatory employee forms, including I-9, W-4 and benefit deduction worksheets.

Successful companies use human resource data to inform their every business decision. We provide management reports of all types including job department costing, overtime summaries, benefit censuses, 401K participation, employee history, and other customizable views.

Maintaining compliance with government regulations for employers and employees is critical, but can take a huge investment of time and energy. These include ADA, HIPAA, EEOC, OSHA, COBRA, ERISA, etc. As your HR consultant, we will provide you with compliance information and make recommendations on compliance.

Having a thorough Employee Handbook is a staple of excellent human resource management and can prevent many common HR challenges and pitfalls. We will review your current employee handbook and make recommendations that may serve to protect you as the employer and communicate policies effectively.

We are available to administer and conduct harassment training, which can help correct inappropriate behavior and prevent it before it begins. If a claim of harassment or discrimination is made, we save you time by investigating the claim and recommending disciplinary action.

A customized program for drug and background screenings can be setup for your business. We are ready to handle the documents and administration, so you don’t have to. You can select Pre-employment Packages or use the standard Post Accident and Reasonable Suspicion Policy.

We stabilize and reduce your Worker’s Compensation outlays by providing proper training, claims management, ongoing review of compliance and risk. Large businesses have risk exposure for Worker’s Compensation claims, and these situations can be detrimental to the focus of your company.

Processing payroll is the most fundamental function of being an employer, but can also result in some of the most costly, time-consuming and frustrating issues associated with employees. We provide customized payroll and management reports, and can assume responsibility for tax reporting and audits.

Innocent mistakes on taxes and compliance can create disproportionate headaches and costs. We stay current on all relevant taxation and regulatory issues to ensure your company is in compliance with changing Federal, State, Local municipality tax and labor law.

It’s hard to manage your business and make important decisions without accurate data on how your employees utilize their time. We offer a range of scheduling, time card and attendance solutions that streamline the process with both onsite and complete outsourced options for keeping track of your greatest resource.

Benefits are one of the primary reasons employees choose to work for you. We will often administer benefits at costs below what many employers could achieve on their own. Plus, we can tailor the most effective benefits package to fit your business needs.

We provide tailored, professional HR solutions to fit your needs. That means we can offer advanced solutions such as position profiling and benchmarking, management training and development, and retirement options, both owner and employee.

ACA Compliance Guide

We have found employers who do not need to offer health coverage for their employees, and those who need to comply are unaware of the technology and outsourcing opportunities available.

Learn more about the Affordable Care Act and whether you need to offer benefits to your employees in this free ebook

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